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Ladies Prizegiving 2020

Noreen Kinevane Winner of Lady Presidents Prize 2020
Margaret Philips Committee Prize Lady Pres Day/Winner Of Golfer of The Year 2020/Challenge Cup 3rd/Christmas Hamper 2nd Prize
Winner Lady Captains Prize 2020 Brid Naughtain
Pauline Costello 3rd Seniors Lady Pres Day
Phil Mann Front 9 Lady Pres Day
Ladies Prizegiving 2020
Noreen Kinevane Winner of Past Captains Prize on Lady Captains Day
Valerie Noonan Back 9 Lady Pres Day
Marian Benson 1st( catg 3)Lady Pres Day
Chris Woodland 3rd Autumn Cup
Olivia Gardener 2nd (catg1)Lady Pres Day
Niamh Keyes Runner Up Lady Pres Day
Belinda Brown Winner Beginners Lady Pres Day
Maura Mc Greevy Winner of Seniors Lady Pres Day
Maura Burke 2nd Seniors Lady Pres Day
Niamh Keyes 2nd Prize Lady Captains Day
Martina Nicholson 6th Prize Lady Cpt Day
Winner Challenge Cup Siobhan Curran
Winner Xmas Hamper Siobhan Curran
Siobhan Curran Winner Best Gross Lady Capt Day
Niamh Keyes 2nd Lady Captains Prize
Therese Dunne Winter League Runner Up
Mary O Brien 2nd Lady Cpt Away Day
Olive Fitzgerald 1st Winter League Plate
Antoinette Meghen Autumn Cup Winner Best Gross
Gretta O Regan 3rd Prize 15/10/2020