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President’s Prize Fri 26th & Sat 27th August 2016

President's Prize
Michael H Noonan
41 pts (B9)
Vice President's Prize
Pat Barry
41 pts
Past President's Prize
T. G Geary
36 pts
Best Gross
Alan Purcell
38 pts
Friday 1st
John O'Brien
41 pts
Friday 2nd
Tom Harrington
38 pts
Friday 3rd
John Pomeroy
38 pts
Friday 4th
Martin Ryan
37 pts
Saturday 1st
Maurice Noonan
40 pts
Saturday 2nd
John Paul O'Sullivan
40 pts
Saturday 3rd
John Doyle
40 pts
Saturday 4th
Thomas Jordan
39 pts
Cat 1,1st
Pat Butler ( jnr)
39 pts
Cat 1,2nd
Bryan L Fitzgerald
37 pts
Cat 2,1st
Oliver Coughlan
37 pts
Cat 2, 2nd
Michael Cregan
37 pts
Cat 3, 1st
Eamon Fitzgerald
38 pts
Cat 3, 2nd
J J Ryan
38 pts
Front Nine
Michael Ryan (G)
20 pts
Back Nine
Seamus Hartnett
21 pts
Committee Prize
Patsy O'Sullivan
36 pts
Seniors 1st
Seamus Enright
38 pts
Seniors 2nd
Tom Hickey
36 pts
Students 1st
Greg McNamara
34 pts
Students 2nd
Mark Carmody
28 pts
Visitors (Men) 1st.
John Mc Carthy
32 pts
Visitors (Men) 2nd
Frank Kennedy
27 pts
Ladies 1st
Marie O' Sullivan
26 pts (b9)
Ladies 2nd
Phil Mann
26 pts
Ladies 3rd
Therese Dunne
25 pts
Juniors 1st
Rory Desmond
51 pts
Juniors 2nd
Ronan Shire
45 pts
Juniors 3rd
Aaron O' Sullivan
43 pts
Best Gross
Cian Hall
40 pts