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Adare Membership


Membership Categories and Prices


Category of Membership Price*(€)
Full Member 769
Overseas Member 240
Distance Member 246
Adult Member under 30 399**
Junior Member 120
Student Member 170
Juvenile Member 35


*Note that price excludes the following additional items, up to the amount shown, depending on membership category, apart from Adult Members aged 30 and under, to whom there is no Clubhouse Credit added :


  • GUI/ILGU Levy (GUI : €24, ILGU : €28)
  • Clubhouse Credit (€50)
  • Golfsure Insurance (€25)

**The fee for Adult Members under 30 includes the GUI/ILGU Levy and the Golfsure Insurance premium.

Download Membership Forms


Click here to download the Application form for Membership.


Click here to download our Junior Application form.


In both cases, the form should be printed, filled out and the hard copy submitted to the club.


Special Offer for Groups joining together


Groups joining together are granted a discount from their first year’s membership subscription, as follows:

  • Group of 2 – 9  : €100 discount
  • Group of 10 and over  :  €120 discount